Falling Into Place

The year is 2086, and the world thrives amidst the new Renaissance. Massive Corporations have underwritten a brave new world, where technological disparity is the new poverty and the distance between those who have, and those who want, has only widened since the Great Crash of 2029.

In this century, Entertainment has evolved into something much more closely approaching reality, blurring the lines with media implants and Virtual Reality theaters. All the while, the Singularity remains ever elusive, as scientists struggle to cross the event horizon into Artificial Intelligence and what may come next.

Below the glittering towers and gleaming spires of the elite, the average citizen lives in relative squalor, much as the average invariably have since the dawn of commerce. Through the advancement of Social Media, and increased government involvement in it, tracking a person’s actions have become a matter of simplicity itself. Subdera Implants have become a matter-of-fact in most people’s lives for the last 40+ years, allow a person near instant access to most forms of online media and communication.

Through all this though, the criminal class continues. Organized Criminal Organizations hold the large rackets with dubious municipal and corporate ties, while Crews run the streets handling small time territories and doing the dirty work of those up the food-chain.

Myth & Rumor

While the internet is literally at the fingertips of over 90% of people living in the first-world, the information gleaned from most publicly available sources is controlled by the World Alliance, and deseminated through controlled measures. News has become a subject intended to titillate and upset rather than inform or encite, while journalism has come to more closely resemble TMZ than Woodward and Bernstein.

Information, however, is harder to control than those who would control it hope. Things slip through the cracks, and there’s always ways to spread information without being noticed. Across the world, whispers and rumors of strange events, of glitches and uncomfortable static in the signal.

The Network