Corey Coleman

A Sense-Hacker who tends bar part-time at a prestigious club.


Corey Coleman is the perfect example of someone who keeps his home life separate from his work life. He works weekends tending bar at a nightclub, but the theory is that wherever he works, he works under an alias, as none of his acquaintances have been able to figure out which nightclub he works at. Corey revels in the mystery, but refuses to divulge, siting the reason as preferring to not have a gaggle of familiars expecting more of his attention be given them than the rest of the patronage. He claims having friends at his place of employment as “very unprofessional.”

Given that Corey’s hobby is the illicit activity of sen-hacking, he tends to be a very indirect individual; sometimes telling the truth like it’s a lie, sometimes telling a lie like it’s the truth. He very firmly believes that if anyone knows who he is, not just his name but what he’s like, then they can tell the cops; therefore, the fewer people that know him well, the easier it is to disappear if he ever gets cops on his trail.

It’s no big secret that Corey dresses down to hide his looks. In his line of work, good looks mean good tips, but when he’s not at the bar, he prefers to stay under people’s attention.

In general, he looks like his grandmother dresses him and his great-grandmother styles his hair, but it doesn’t take more than a few meetings with him to figure out that he does that on purpose.

Corey Coleman

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