Melee Weapons
A Melee Weapon is something used in personal combat, wielded in a hand and powered by the body behind it more than the actual device itself. As such, Melee weapons derive their damage die from an Attribute (usually Strength) and provides a bonus to that roll, rather than the other way around.

A Melee Weapon can be used to parry another Melee Weapon with a successful test of the appropriate Combat Skill. The DR listed in the Weapon’s description is the amount of damage stopped by a successful Parry.

In addition, every weapon has an EV that is added to the total “carried gear” Encumbrance calculation, for the purposes of AP costs.

Weapon Damage Attribute DR EV
Knife +1 Strength Fitness -2 .5
Sword +3 Strength Fitness 2
Great Sword +7 Strength Fitness +2 5
Rapier +2 Moxy Reflexes 1
Katana +4 Agility Fitness -1 2
Fireman’s Axe +5 Strength Fitness 3
Sledgehammer +6 Strength Fitness +1 4
Escrima Stick +3 Agility Reflexes .5

Ranged Weapons
A Ranged Weapon is used in striking at an opponent from a distance, and while control or guidance is provided by the user, the power of the attack comes from the weapon itself. Because of this, Ranged Weapons have a fixed die type, and receive a bonus from a Talent (usually Reflexes).

EV is added to the total gear carried Enumbrance, subtracting from actions such as movement and melee combat. EV is not applied to the AP cost of Gunfire Actions.

Range is the distance at which the gun can be assumed to be at full accuracy (usually under 30’), and increases the MTN to hit by 1 for every 5 feet past that point.

Rate of Fire is the number of shots that can be fired in a given Combat Round.

Weapon Damage Talent EV Range Rate of Fire Ammo
Hold-Out Pistol d4 Reflexes .5 20’ 1 2
Light Pistol d6 Reflexes .5 30’ 3 10
Heavy Pistol d8 Reflexes 1 30’ 3 12
Submachine Gun d8 Fitness 1 25’ 10 30
Shotgun d10 Fitness 2 15’1 2 8
Hunting Rifle d10 Reflexes 2 40’ 2 10
Assault Rifle d10 Reflexes 2 30’ 10 30
Anti-Material Rifle d12 Creativity 3 50’ 1 12


Defense Rating (DR) & You
An Armor is defined by its Defense Rating (DR), which give it a innate resistance to all attacks that strike it. Armor is Hit Location specific, and is worn separately on each location, meaning that someone without a helmet is leaving themselves vulnerable to extreme damage in combat.

Most DR is static, providing a constant bonus against incoming attacks. The exception to this is antiquated materials, not designed for ballistic combat. These armors provide a variable DR (rolled v. each damage source) rather than static.

In addition to DR, armor also possesses another quality: EV. An Armor’s EV is combined as a modifier to the Action Point cost to almost all actions made while wearing it. EV is based on an armor’s weight and flexibility, rather than the actual bonus provided.

Armor Material DR EV Special
Leather 6 1 DR against ballistic is d6
Chain 8 2 DR against ballistic is d8
Plate Metal 10 4 DR against ballistic is d10
Kevlar 8 2
Kevlar Composite 10 2
Synth-Flex 12 1
Ballistic Plastic 20 4

Other Gear


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