Martial Arts

The Basics

Each Martial Arts style is considered a separate Aptitude Quality, and is taken as such. A player is suggested to not take all three levels of Martial Arts styles at character creation, as the third rank represents a level of training hard to acheive without years of dedicated study.


  • Cargill-Style Self Defense
    Designed by Jessica Cargill, an exotic dancer from Berkeley California, to incorporate her performance into a self-defense and aerobic exercise. Based in part on Aikido and Capoiera, the primary emphasis of the style is using skills learned during a life of exotic dancing and sensual performance to counter, defend, and throw an opponent, rather than harm. Originally created to protect herself on stage if floor security was otherwise occupied.
    • Level 1: Can use Performance rather than Unarmed to initiate a Grapple or attempt a Throw
      • Level 2: Reduce AP costs of Grapple Tests by Appeal Talent
        • Level 3: Character may make a full Move Action as part of a Throw Test; Move costs full AP

Martial Arts

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