Subdera Implants


Originally envisioned as a tool for covert military communications before the Great Crash, the Cherkov Group were early adopters in funding the research after to produce a civilian-friendly version of the device. After almost 8 full years of development and research, Vasili Cherkov was the first to receive the implant.

The Subdera is a nano-processor comprised largely of gold, iron, and lithium. The implant is inserted in an out-patient procedure via injection at the base of the skull, before it settles itself at the base of the cerebellum. From here, it coordinates chemical and eletrical impulses to not only produce a kinesthetic effect in the body, but also tracks health and well-being.

In 2048, on the anniversary of its founder’s disappearance, the Charkov Group, in conjunction with the World Alliance nations, began a program to provide the Subdera at no-cost to the recipient. By 2060, possession of a Subdera Implant or Subdera Simulator1 became almost mandatory for higher paying or security-clearance jobs. By 2075, all legitimate employers required its use in pre-screening their employees. By 2080, only 1 in 10 people in First World WA nations does not possess some form of the implant.


At its most basic, the Subdera allows access to projected holo-interfaces eliminating the need for most hard-case personal technology. It also allows someone with sufficient equipment, and a security bypass, to perform diagnostic and physical history checks thus speeding medical diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to this, the Subdera allows constant access to basic internet features such as Social Media and wireless communications. Phone service is also easily accessible, and most interfaces are handled through simple holographic interfaces produced by easily wearable accessories.

For a nominal subscription fee, the Subdera can be used as an automatic emergency contact, dialing emergency services should your condition fall outside of healthy parameters and communicating with the operator’s console on your behalf.


The Subdera allows for constant access to the wireless network, and with the ISI (see below) can even simulate direct physical contact with other people, allowing greater deviation from human norm through the manipulation of one’s online persona, or avatar.

The Avatar is not a psychological construct, but rather a deliberate alteration of the basic software of the Subdera, creating a seperate body for the user when interacting in a purely virtual way. This can include a change of gender, size, genitalia, species, or more. Things that are not directly possible in this function2 are body parts the person is not biologically aware of; additional limbs, wings, tails, etc.


Several viruses have been created for the Subdera network, usually resulting in mild hallucinations or sending automated spam messages to people in your social network. These are easily diagnosed and disposed of with basic equipment, but have served to annoy or frustrate those who rely on preventative measures more than regular check-ups. Home “scrubbers” are available that wipe the Subdera of all information but its basic core programming, but this requires a back up of social network information.

Very early on, however, it was discovered that the Subdera’s program could be modified slightly, to cause it to produce the perception of physical stimulus. This was quickly lept on by sex peddlers and private perverts alike, for use in “games” and in the sex industry. To be clear, there has never been evidence of producing actual physical stimulus, so the best it can accomplish is stimulation of autonomic functions.

Given that the Subdera influences brain chemistry to an extent, however, the notion that endorphins or melatonin could be released through careful interface have become the nature of much discussion among World Alliance lawmakers. At first, it was considered an issue of vice enforcement, but as time has passed and several prominent lawmakers have been publicly humiliated, the discussion has come into prominence whether to make these kind of hacks a crime against humanity or an act of terror.

In spite of this many people, lawmakers included it seems, have opted to have the software adjusted to allow for the Increased Stimulus Interface (ISI). Thruogh the ISI, two users can experience each other’s sensations sexually if in direct contact, or can interact on a virtual level while producing physical response in their partner.

Crime & Punishment

Currently while hacking someone else’s Subdera is considered a fairly substantial crime, carrying up to 10 years in jail, it is still in the grey area of legality whether hacking one’s own Subdera constitutes a crime. It is a breach of Terms of Service, and voids the warranty for the device (meaning all maintenance will be at cost), but there is no specific crime attached to it. In addition, any unreported hack done to a Subdera will void its access to future software updates until scrubbed.

The lawmakers of the WA are having trouble defining what would be a set of crimes regarding personal use of the Subdera, while remaining in the good favor of their constituents. Even corporate regulations are scanty, as the more use a person can get out of the Subdera, the more that can be sold to the user.


1 Subdera Simulators are available at some cost (prices vary depending on the depth of interface) that allow a user to access the network without the actual implant. These are usually worn (such as glasses with headphones), but there are implant versions.

2 The Subdera can be hacked to give the user sensation in multiple limbs, though control is still somewhat stifled. Any more than two limbs, and the user is relegated to setting two on a kind of loop, and moving to the other set. The most common form of this hack, however, is multiple sets of male genitalia allowing both users to experience multiple penetrations at one time (though the user attached to the genitalia will be experiencing all of it through his/her single set). This hack is credited to one BeselDum42, a user from Germany.

Subdera Implants

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