The Great Crash

The Great Data Crash of June 9th, 2029 is considered one of the defining moments of the 21st Century. The networks, as they existed, had been used to the brink; cloud storage, wireless communication, smart-phones; a near constant flow of information straining the bandwidths and filling them as fast, or faster, than the network could be expanded.

During the early part of the 20s, Vasili Cherkov had begun to experiment with what his notes describe as an “endemic vibratory dissonance” in order to link small machines to a specially designed generator, an expansion on several of Tesla’s theories. In the months that followed the GDC, this research would prove invaluable in revitalizing the world’s economy and culture.

At 13:47 GMT, on 09.06.2029, wireless communications went dead. Local storage was largely unaffected, but many businesses had moved to a cloud-based storage as well as wireless communications for their financial needs that several corporations collapsed in a matter of days. The world still in the deep grip of the Depression that gripped the world in the first half of the 21st, no bail-outs were there to be handed out as corporations began to wink in and out of existence.

On 22.12.2029, the lights came back on, so to speak. Cherkov’s work in what he termed the Tesla Frequency had yielded amazing results, allowing communication speeds hitherto unheard of, with what seemed to be no limits. In fact, almost 57 years later, very little adjustment has had to be made to the system itself in order to allow larger files and stronger communication.

The Great Crash

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